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- Ron NI7J


Don Johnson was one of the happiest go lucky guys I have ever met. Our first of many phone conversations lasted more that an hour covering his life with Amateur radio, building antennas, and his true love of flying. Don talked about his screwdriver antenna design, and how other companies had copied his design without even a thank you. His info on parts suppliers and money saving ideas was very helpful. I was really surprised at the wealth of info Don had to offer. I could not thank him enough! Don and I also share an interest in flying, I am a private pilot. He was a pilot before, during and after WW2. This is a bit of info that a lot of people don’t know about him and his flying career. Don went into great detail about the influential people he had met and the various types of aircraft he had seen and flown. I was quite amazed to say the least.

For many years he was the Captain of a 400 person seaplane built by Martin Aircraft know as a JRM. This was one of the many personnel shuttles that flew between Los Angeles and Hawaii. He had flown some of the largest aircraft produced back in the day. Don has logged over 22,000 hours of flying time! I requested an autograph on one of his fine antennas that was purchased along with photos of him, his wife and the aircraft he used to fly. All were received. Don celebrates his 90th birthday on 7/12/07. It is with a great deal of regret that I have to print this. Our good friend and Elmer Don Johnson W6AAQ has become a silent key 4.14.2010.

A memorial service was held on July 18 2010 in Sacramento, California. Dons humor along with his fascinating stories on the air will be missed very much, and his humor and entrepreneur talent will always be remembered. We miss you old friend.

Don Johnson Tribute

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