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Mobile Antennas


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The Scorpion Mobile Antenna will cover 10-80 meters. Our antennas are designed to be mounted on any vehicle including Cars, Vans, Pick-Ups, Buses, or RV’s.
We also offer a tripod mounting known as our Home Package for Backyard, Camping or Field Day Use.

Scorpion Antenna Mobile Package

Mobile applications set the focus for the initial requirements in the design of the Scorpion Antennas. Mobile operators need an antenna that will perform in all the different orientations a vehicle may operate, the highly interactive variable RF environment, and of course survive those “bird strikes”.

This antenna is built with physical security and survivability. Wind resistance, rotational and linear momentum forces, along with the “tugs” and “bumps” the antenna may encounter by people, tree branches, birds, other things that go “bump” in the night.

The Scorpion Antenna sits on a mount that is customer provided and must be rigid and securely attached to the vehicle frame. Mounting to a bumper clamp on mount or directly on car body sheet metal is NOT a secure mount point and NOT recommended by Scorpion Antennas. See the article “Mobile Antenna Mounts” for an example of a “pickup bed” and also the Gallery “Customer Mobile Installations” for visual ideas for mounting. Remember, the Scorpion Antenna will take a beating but to take advantage of it’s strength, it needs a secure and stable mount point.

Another point about mounting to the vehicle is a ground plane for the antenna. Remembering that the vehicle is the other half of the antenna! Not having the antenna mounted in an electrically sound fashion using good RF bonding of the vehicle sheet metal to the frame can be of a concern for “any” antenna’s performance mounted on any vehicle.