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1. Go to the OSHA or many other websites for info on Heath issues dealing with Beryllium Copper.

2. No special handling required with Beryllium Copper.

3. Employees DO NOT wear a dust mask or any type of gloves when handling and manufacturing finger stock at any of these locations.

4. Grinding on Beryllium Copper without proper safety gear is a health issue.

5. Remember: You have to be grinding on Beryllium Copper and inhaling the micro particles that become airborne before its a health hazard!

6. Electrical arcing with Beryllium Copper can be hazardous. If you remove the cover of a screwdriver type antenna, transmit high power “this is over 1.5 kw pep”, while moving the antenna coil at the same time to create arcing to the point that micro copper particles become air borne and stand next to it while all this is taking place, then yes you will have a health hazardous area. What Amateur operator would even think of standing next to an antenna transmitting high power in the first place? If you work in a production facility that arc welds or spot welds Beryllium Copper than you have a health safety issue if you are not wearing the proper safety equipment!

7.Beryllium Copper is safe to use regardless of what some antenna manufactures might say in a scare type sales tactic!

I hope this clears up a lot of the misconception on the use and handling of Beryllium Copper.

Here are three top USA finger stock manufactures that use Beryllium Copper.


The finger stock that Scorpion Antennas uses is tin plated Beryllium Copper. We use tin plating for the wire and tin plated Beryllium finger stock, not from fear of the Beryllium but because tin has a better contact surface…not as good as silver… but, it keeps the copper from oxidizing and turning green. Without Beryllium in copper there would be no finger stock! Beryllium gives the copper the ability to spring back after being compressed….there would be nothing worse than having flat finger stock now would there!

Beryllium Copper

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