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About Us


I retired from a silicon wafer manufacture known as Sumco 7-1-19 at 62 years of age, we are now building antennas 7 days a week.  The driving idea behind the company was to have something to do when we retire, well so much for retirement for we are now working 7 days a week supplying customers in the USA ONLY with our product.

The upside with retirement is we are able to devote more time to antenna manufacturing that decreases the customers wait time for an order.

A funny thing has happened in the last 15 years. It’s called success. It caught us off guard and was beyond our wildest imagination of what could happen. We believed in the beginning that we could produce and sell a few antennas on our days off, well that all changed and for the better might I add!

One thing that every one knows is that hams love to talk. Thanks to our wonderful customers, the word has spread about our commitment to building antennas and providing excellent service. The overwhelming number of orders we have received took us by surprise to say the least!

To our wonderful customers we would like to say Thank You So Much for allowing our business to grow over the years.

Ron Douglass NI7J-WH2XND

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