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Sealed Shunt Coil 8 Turn Shunt Coil is Stock

  • The sealed shunt coil are available for both our 80 meter antennas, the SA-680S “shorty” and the SA-680 that sports # 10 gage wire coil.
  • Our shunt coil comes installed in a gasket sealed polycarbonate enclosure manufactured by Bud Industries. This allows for a very quick and easy install onto the Scorpion antenna.
  • These work great for autos and our customers that haul material in the bed of their trucks, providing excellent damage resistance.
  • The SA6-160 our “160 meter” antenna is supplied with an 8 and 16 turn shunt coil that is switched through a relay. Shunt coils and relay are enclosed in a water tight polycarbonate BUD enclosure mounted at the base of the antenna.
  • We do supply, through special order, custom wound shunt coils for your most demanding antenna project. Please contact us directly for tech support and your requirements.

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