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Installation Information


PLEASE NOTE: Before starting any mobile install go to Alan Applegate’s Website HERE.
It is a “MUST SEE LEARNING EXPERIENCE”. You will thank yourself for doing so!!!

Here is an amazing four part installation breakdown from AB10C/AB1QB's blog on Station Building

F-150 Mobile Install / AB10C/AB1QB


Here is an excellent Radio, Amp, and Antenna install article done by Fred Kemmerer.

Mike Fedler installs a Scorpion antenna on his vehicle. A very nice little video.

Frank installs a ground mounted Scorpion Antenna in his backyard. Another very well done video.

Our SA-680 10-80 meter antenna weighs in at 18 pounds. The Scorpion antenna line requires a RIDGID MOUNT!


A six inch piece of threaded rod “3/4 -10 TPI is supplied at the base of the antenna for mounting, 4 inches of the threaded rod has been screwed into the base just in case more is needed during the install process. Our antennas will need to have bonding straps “tin plated preferred” tied to the counterpoise screws at the bottom of the antenna and bonded to the vehicle. We Recommend for your antenna mount using nothing smaller than 2″ by 2″ by 3/16″ wall thickness….square tube for all right angle mounts that are attached to the frame of the vehicle and extend out to the side of the vehicle.

Please do not take a chance with a lighter or smaller mounting material for your mount. It could possibly break off and go through someones wind shield !

Please visit our PHOTO GALLERY and MOBILE MOUNTS for more ideas. For home mounting of our antenna’s we have a Stainless Steel Pipe Adaptor with 1″ pipe thread on one end and 3/4″ standard bolt thread on the other. This adaptor is for stationary mounting at home or camping only. DO NOT USE THIS ADAPTOR FOR MOBILE USE. Heavy wall threaded pipe “Electrical or Plumbing type” of your choice can be screwed into our stainless pipe adaptor. The antenna mounting stud is 3/4″ by 10 TPI and screws into the other end of our stainless Pipe Adaptor.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments

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