About Us


One of the little known facts about Scorpion Antennas is the hours worked building antennas in addition to our day jobs. My wife Sue and I have full-time jobs. She works for IBM taking care of mainframe systems and I put in 12-hour plus days as a tech for a silicon wafer manufacturer. A typical workday has us up at 5:30 am and returning to the QTH around 8 pm four days a week. This leaves little or no time to answer phone calls or e-mails. That leaves us just three days a week to spend 14 plus hours a day cranking out antennas for our customers. The driving idea behind the company was to have something we could do when we retire. How about, purchasing a motor coach, seeing this great country and selling antennas along the way? Sounds like a fun retirement to me!

Well folks, a funny thing has happened in the last five years. It’s called success. It caught us off guard and was beyond our wildest imagination of what could happen. We believed in the beginning that we could produce and sell a few antennas on our days off, but that hasn’t turned out as planned! One of the things that we had forgotten is that hams love to talk. Thanks to our wonderful customers, the word has spread about our commitment to building great antennas and providing excellent service. The overwhelming number of orders we have received took us by surprise to say the least.



If you are inquiring or would like to purchase one of our antennas and have a few questions, please give us a little time to respond. It might be a few days before we can get back to you. During our real jobs regular work week of Sunday through Wednesday, 12 plus hours a day, sometimes makes it a little difficult to respond immediately.

We do hope you understand and we appreciate the patience!

Many of you have inquired about us going full-time with our busy business. My wife and I really enjoy our current day jobs. We do plan on going full time with our business at sometime in the future.

Until then, we will still try to fill all orders in a timely manner, so we ask that you please be patient. We have tons of fun meeting people at various gatherings, and look forward to meeting many more of you in the future.