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Mobile Antenna Mounts


The antenna mount seen above is the Breedlove combination quick disconnect with the antenna tilt over feature.

This mount is bullet proof to say the least it holds our 18 pound antennas with no issues what so ever!

We highly Recommend that you pay Breedlove a visit for your Scorpion antenna mount.

Breedlove builds a wide assortment of mounts that will work on any HF, VHF and UHF antenna install!

*Click on the link below to see Scorpion Antenna mounts available at Breedlove Mounts. https://breedlovemounts.com/Scorpion_antenna_mount.html


*Antenna L bracket mount drawings are in .PDF format.

Click Here To Download All Drawings


 *Click on link below to see Mike N6TWW antenna install on youtube.



A quick word about Installing your Antenna.

  • Please remember our SA-680 Shorty antenna weighs in at 13 pounds.
  • Our SA-680 and our 160 meter antenna weighs in at 18 pounds.
  • Our antennas need a RIGID MOUNT!


Below are a few helpful tips on mounting:

    -A two inch piece of threaded rod "3/4 -10 TPI is supplied at the base of the antenna for mounting.

   -Our antennas will need to have bonding straps "tin plated preferred" tied to the counterpoise screws at the bottom of the antenna and bonded to the vehicle.

    We recommend using nothing smaller than 2" by 2" by 3/16" wall thickness....square tube for all right angle mounts that are attached to the frame of the vehicle and extend out to the side of the vehicle.

   Please donít take a chance with a lighter or smaller mounting material for your mount....it could break off and go through someoneís wind shield!

"See our mobile photo gallery" and "Antenna Mounting" for more ideas.