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SA-680HP Home Install - Requires a Finish Selection, stainless is standard!
SA-680HP Home Install - Requires a Finish Selection, stainless is standard!
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Scorpion Home Install Package  " We are the H.O.A. Busters"!  Work DX from your backyard!

    The Scorpion Home Install Package™ is designed to fit the needs of many operators that are stuck in the confines of an HOA, better known as: Home Owners Association. On it's own merits as a high performing antenna, it can be used as part of your home antenna farm. And if you're an RV'er, its an excellent portable package for easy setup within an RV site and is easily removed & stored in a small space.

The above photo is the SA-680 Home Package mounted on a customer supplied tripod and mast of choice.

Note: The large coil mounted on the tripod in above photo is an "Ugly Balun" used to stop common mode currents, traveling on the outside shield of the coax, from returning back into the radio shack. This "ugly balun" is  customer built, a different type of RF choke is included in the Home Package.

The Scorpion home line of antennas can be mounted in several different configurations, each with it's own pros and cons.

The antenna can be ground mounted directly at earth ground level similar to a ground mounted vertical using earth ground as the counterpoise. A better ground system is to use uniformly cut "wire ground radials" laid either directly on the earth or buried. A notch up in performance is to cut the wire radials to the frequency bands of operation. "All the rules for a ground mounted vertical antenna hold true for a ground mounted Scorpion Antenna."

For ground installs, you are far better off to install 30 ground radials that are 20 ft long than to install 8 ground radials at 40 feet. You are trying to build an RF current return path with the radials. With elevated radials or tuned counterpoises, you will lose a lot of the ground loss, but now they need to be resonant for the frequency of operation.

An RF current return screen installed under the antenna using chicken wire or close mesh varmint screen will help with the ground mounted radials RF current return path. The larger the screen the better the signal. The screen of choice can be buried or just laid down so the grass will grow between it so nothing is seen but the Scorpion Antenna.

The antenna can be elevated above earth ground on a tripod or pole using "wire ground radials" similar to the above.

The best performance is achieved by mounting the antenna elevated on a tripod or pole using an elevated ground plane that is isolated from earth ground.

The elevated ground plane can be the typical "wire radials" cut to the resonant frequency of operation.

Once the ground radials are elevated, they must be resonant on the band you wish to operate. This is accomplished using the Scorpion Stinger Adjustable Antennas

The Stingers work as an elevated counterpoise that can be adjusted to a very low SWR on all of your favorite bands.

Instead of using elevated tuned wire radials, the space saving approach is to use our Scorpion Stinger Antennas as the elevated ground plane.

   When mounted on a tripod, the adjustable Scorpion Stinger Antennas (ham sticks) become an elevated counterpoise or elevated ground plane.
The main body of the antenna is isolate from the Scorpion Stinger Counterpoise Antennas. Additionally both main antenna and the Stingers are isolated from the tripod and earth ground by means of the Scorpion Insulating Bushing made of Delrin®. This bushing is screwed onto the bottom side of the Stingers 8 port hub using a 5 inch by 3/4 inch piece of Stainless allthread. The insulating bushing now slides down into your favorite tripod or mast using the mast clamp to stop rotation of antenna. The entire antenna system is now elevated using the isolated elevated ground plane, which is significantly more efficient than mounting on earth ground with wire radials.

    This is the method provided in the Scorpion Home Package. A best fit, high performance and complete solution for most solutions.

    Customers with RVs use the tripod mount for ease of setup and break down while traveling. Using a tripod with our Scorpion Stinger Antennas™and Quick Disconnects; antenna setup or take down time can be as little as 3 minutes.

The Home package when broken down can always find a spot in the RV.

    The Ameritron© model SDC-102 is an antenna controller that sports 10 memory presets with full manual jog control. The SDC-102 sends a 5 volt signal to the reed switch mounted in our antenna, using the “brown and white wires on connector plug”. We have installed a magnet on our motor coupling that will trigger the reed switch to send a 5 volt signal back to the SDC-102 that can be seen as a count change on the digital display. We use 16 threads per inch polished Stainless threaded rod to drive the coil up/down, so each digit count equals 1/16 of an inch of antenna coil travel. Two digit counts equal 1/8 of an inch of antenna coil travel.

    We have tested the Dale Audio TS-88B Black aluminum speaker stand at trade shows and swap meets that we attend. This is the strongest and best built tripod we have found, and for a price of $109.00, this tripod is a true value. We have many customers using this tripod with great results. http://www.daleproaudio.com/p-7056-ultimate-support-ts-88b-black-aluminum-speaker-stand-52-92.aspx?gclid=CJz407f5p7kCFWxyQgod1iUAxw


What is supplied with our Home Packages?

8 - Scorpion Stinger Adjustable Antennas™, your choice of bands. Two Stinger antennas are required per Band. The most popular bands are: 17, 20, 40 and 80 meters.
The standard 8 port Counterpoise Ring accepts 8 Stinger antennas which allows 4 bands of operation.

 We offer an optional 16 port Counterpoise Ring, "see our Accessories page".
With the 16 port Counterpoise Ring you will now be able to enjoy operating 8 bands of your choice.
Note: An 8 additional Scorpion Stinger antennas will need to be purchased for full 8 band operation, please see our accessories page.

1 - Counterpoise Adaptor Ring™ for The Scorpion Stinger Antennas™ to mount to. This is a 8 port Counterpoise Ring accepting 8 Stingers. The Counterpoise Ring is isolated from the Antenna Body.

1 - Antenna Insulating Bushing…. isolates the Scorpion Antenna and Counterpoise Ring from tripod and ground.

1 - Antenna Mast Clamp… this keeps antennas from rotating within the tripod mast.

1 - RF Choke consists of a 2.4 inch toroid of #31 type material installed inside a NEMA-4 PVC weather proof enclosure with N type connectors installed.
Note: The #31 type material offers the highest impedance available for common mode currents on the HF bands.
This choke decouples the coax from the antenna, so the antenna will not see the coax as an active radial or counterpoise wire.

1 – A Basic Antenna Kit that is supplied with our antennas includes:

• Scorpion Antenna Controller

• 12 volt fused power adaptor

50 feet of antenna control cable "Home Package only"

• Choke for antenna control cable - # 31 type material bead pre wound

• Quick Connect Plug "four pin" for the Antenna Control Cable

• Shunt coil for impedance matching

The Customer supplies the mast or tripod mounting of his choice.



The Home Package is typically shipped in three containers.

Main antenna shipping and handling through UPS is $75.00.
Note: a 6" Dia by 72"cardboard tube in used for shipping the main antenna.
Total weight on average is 28 to 30 Lbs for main antenna.

The basic antenna kit is a smaller box, it is placed inside the main antenna tube.

Scorpion Stinger counterpoise antennas shipping and handling is $40.00
A separate smaller cardboard box is used for shipping the Stinger antennas.
Note: The Stinger antennas "counterpoise antennas" are dropped shipped from the manufacture.

We use the USPS large flat rate box for the common mode choke and any additional

accessories ordered such as the optional 16 port counterpoise adaptor ring.

Shipping and handling $20.00

Total shipping for Home package  $135.00

Shipping price of the antenna, this gives our customers
an idea of what our shipping costs are.




Antenna base with 8 port Counterpoise Adaptor Ring and Scorpion Insulating Bushing.





Home Install 8 port Counterpoise Adaptor Ring.






 Home Install 8 port Counterpoise Adaptor Ring with quick disconnects.






Home install 8 port Counterpoise Adaptor Ring with quick disconnects.

 Scorpion SA-680HP with supplied 8 port counterpoise adaptor ring with two of each 17, 20, 40 and 80 meter Scorpion Stinger Adjustable Antennas


Larry W7BUB  SK with his Scorpion SA-680 Home Package.