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Welcome to Scorpion Antennas

Of course we make a mobile antenna. But what really counts is what our customers say. eHam.net is a respected website that hosts a product Reviews area where Hams post their "Reviews" about amateur radio gear of all kinds. Our customers have been reporting Reviews on three Scorpion Antenna models for several years.

We encourage all interested shoppers to read these reviews. There are three links below, just click on each and read some of these interesting reviews. Read what each ham has to say about their own scorpion antenna installation and experience. Then reflect on what they are collectively saying; It's consistent story of our commitment to meet or exceed your expectations.

Scorpion SA6-160 is the 10-160 meter antenna #14 gage wire coil @ 10 TPI

Scorpion SA-680 is the 10-80 meter antenna #10 gage wire coil @ 6 TPI

Scorpion SA-680S "Shorty" is the 10-80 meter antenna #14 gage wire coil @ 10 TPI

We're proud to be producing these antennas for the Ham community. These antennas work mobile, base, and portable meeting so many different installation and operational challenges; all with results that just work.